Hi Everyone,

 My name is Debbie, not Martha.  I am creating a Weblog to share simple solutions for a terrific life that I believe to be realistic. 

If you are like me entertaining, cooking, finance, beauty, shopping, housekeeping may need to be done on a dime instead of a quarter.  I may never have $100 to spend on beauty products (nor would I think I would want to).  I may not have curly endive in my fridge, today or any other day.  I know I can’t go to 3 stores and purchase a bunch of items for a party I am going to throw.  And time and energy, for all those sleep deprived, may not allow for making my own purse.

 Most of the people I know are on a limited budget (money and time) and need helpful ideas to save money, throw a party on the cheap, save the planet-without having to purchase a new energy efficient appliance, shopping smart, when to really splurge and spend money on an item, menu planning, easy craft ideas, etc.  I get lots of questions from my friends and would like to help others and learn more ideas from you too!

I am so excited to start this blog so here comes my first item- SHOPPING:

When you feel the need to go out clothes shopping, first step into your closet.  *Even better invite a friend or two over to help with style.  A friend who’s style you admire will bring a great perspective on your closet!  Put some music on and have a little food (don’t get any stains though).  Now start mix and matching.  Try those accessories!!!!  Accessories are your best friend because they are cheap and can be seasonal without a big hit to the pocketbook.  Put items together you have never tried before.  You may also want to go through a magazine (at the library you can check out some -FREE) and look for the latest styles for inspirations (if you like the recent styles).  Give away or consign what you can’t use and jot down a few items you can shop for when you go shopping next.  Keep a little notebook so you know what you are looking for when you do go out. 

I have also thrown a clothing swap that was fun.  A great way to get clothes that someone else just can’t use anymore.

My next entry will share info about the shopping trip out.    Please let me know what you do to save money or things you would like to here about. 

Best Wishes,