So I have been blessed with the best husband in the world!!  We have had 13 married years together and two wonderful boys.  I just couldn’t ask for anyone better!

Our oldest son’s birthday is two days and two years after we were married so it can be difficult planning for a birthday party and the anniversary.  Sometimes I feel like I haven’t put as much energy into the anniversary, but God gave me this idea.  I did a present for each year for that we  have been married.  Each present (most small and a couple of larger ones) were some of his favorite treats and such.  I also wrapped each one and added the year and a note like

“I am so glad I haven’t driven you to drink…yet” for a bottle of root-beer wrapped in a paper bag of course. 

“It’s always nice to know that year after year and day after day you will be back” for a Terminator movie.

“You light up my life” for a auto light thing he wanted. 

I left gifts in the order in which my husband would go in the morning.  1st one in the closet.  2nd one in the bathroom, etc  I spread them out through the day and even took a couple to his work. 

 It was a lot of fun.  This could also work for a child’s birthday for every year they have been alive.

I hope that you enjoyed this idea.   Please make sure to share your tips or thoughts.