OK, so have you seen the info on CNN from Real Simple regarding how to have a “sparking clean” house in 19 minutes?  So when I first heard about the story I am thinking this is just touch up, throw everything in a closet, clean.  Nope.  It appears we really can have a sparkly clean house in this amount of time silly me!  Hence why I have the blog.  What some people consider real simple and I don’t always match (esp. when they advertise expensive designers and write articles about $100 shoes).

So the first recommendation is to wipe down the counters in 1 minute.  Bing, your time is up.  I hope you didn’t have any spilled spaghetti sauce.

Next sweep floor in 2 min; in your 200 sq ft house I guess.  Do you know about pets and kids?

Now we go to the bathroom and we get 2 min here as well.  What will I do with the time.  If you have one bathroom, no boys, and soft water…maybe????

OK, so here is the BIG one – 6 min to clean the living room, family room, and foyer.  Grab a magazine because this should only take 4 minutes, right?  I think I just spent 6 minutes just picking up the pieces to a game from the other night.  Oh wait, here’s an animal gift.  There goes 2 minutes down the drain!

I don’t even think I could call a maid in 19 minutes.  First look up a phone # because I don’t even know a maid.  Next, hope it’s a reliable service and dial up the number.  Wait on hold for 6 minutes DARN!!!!!  Make an appointment…”Has anyone seen my day planner?”.  Well I guess my 19 minutes are up.  I will have to try again tomorrow.

I guess this house doesn’t have carpets (it takes me 19 min just to vaccum), rugs, pets, children, crafts, cooking, walls, sheets to wash or laundry in that case, and FUN!!!

19 minutes…..not in my REAL WORLD!  OK, which one of you boys left that on the wall?