Are you looking for the BIG blessings in, power, your kids do what you ask them to the first time?  Well I thought it would be fun to look at some of the blessings we might just miss:

  • The toilet paper, at the end of the roll, came right off instead of tearing into little pieces that you would have had to try and use because that was the last roll.
  • The canister for flour/sugar actually holds the whole bag.
  • When you go to flip channels you find a good show that is not on commercials. 
  • Kids using tissue and washing their hands without being asked (Yes, I live in a real world…my dream land so leave me alone).
  • An animal that knows just how to love you on one of those days – drool free.
  • The sales clerk at the store didn’t use the word “Mam” when talking with you.
  • The piece of pie you cut fell apart so now it only looks like you are eating just a serving of fruit.  Now you may have to add a little more for it to look like a piece of pie.
  • You found THOSE shoes that say…Hallelujah!
  • Your overbooked appointment canceled.
  • The teacher at your child’s school didn’t have to talk to you today.
  • Your house is filled with laughter and love even if that means it’s not filled with dust free cabinets.
  • The movie you forgot to return still has one more day before your charged the extra fee.
  • You got a call from someone you loved, but the dishes had to wait.
  • You got stopped at a red light and it was just enough time to put your lipstick on (Guys remember this one the next time you are stopped at a light.  Joy might be coming to someone else via their lipstick and you are part of the bigger plan).
  • No one threw up or had an accident today.
  • You HAVE a house to clean. 
  • You opened up a new bag of cereal, and the bag didn’t rip all the way down the side.
  • There were no bills in the mail today…only junk mail.   
  • The perfect jeans.  Or at least ones that I can walk out of the house in without the need of asking “Do these make my butt look big?”
  • Your bodily functions are a gift from God.  Hey, I live with three men (1 man and two little men).  What do you expect?  You have to come to embrace this as it brings so much joy and laughter to them.

What are the simple joys in your life?