It’s sometimes hard to know what to get someone.  Sometimes we go for the quick answer, but I believe that is what ends up to never ending credit card bills.  It’s fun to shop (I LOVE IT), but the gift of the heart will be remembered.  Here are a few ideas to help get you started for the up and coming Christmas season:

  • Write a letter to someone and tell them a special memory you have of them or why they are so special to you.  Do it on very nice paper and make it look nice by folding it and putting it in a box.  This can be nice for someone who has a lot (Grandparent, etc.)
  • Sit around the table, on Christmas, and say a blessing or prayer for a person there.  “I pray this year for “Jack” to feel loved (if he has been down or unloved) or I am so thankful for “Aunt Maggie” for always being there for the family. etc.  This can be a special time for all.  You may want to let those who are going to be there what you are going to do so they can think about it.
  • Of course, there’s always homemade gifts.  There is all sorts of gifts you can make for just about anyone.  I will have more ideas on this in future blogs but search the web as well.  Here’s one you can try.  *** Do your kids have partial crayons they won’t use?  Take the wrappers off and melt them in an old pot.  Pour into some candy molds for a neat shape and let cool.  Pop them out and wrap in cellophane and a ribbon for a child’s gift.**
  • Send pictures in a scrapbook or calendar.
  • Do you have something that another generation would want?  Give something in your home that would mean something else to another person in your family.  A family book or bible or a special trinket that has been passed down over the years.  Don’t forget to share the history of the item.
  • Make a donation in someones name to an organization that means something to them (not you).
  • My husband’s family has a pet alligator (plastic of course) that they send to each other but you never know when he is coming.  He shows up in the most unexpected times with a little note or poem. 
  • Do you have recipes that you could share along with the goods?  Bake something and give the recipe if someone has really liked it.
  • Do you have a special talent or hobby?  If so, give it away.  Write a song.  Bake a cake.  Give the flowers in your beautiful garden away or a part of a plant you have (gardener).  Make a toy (woodworking). ETC.
  • I knew a family once only gave homemade gifts even to their own teenage kids.  They had money but still did it anyway.  But this was no half way project.  One learned how to stain-glass and made a beautiful picture!!  They really searched themselves and made beautiful gifts that the person would like.

If you start thinking about it now, you can plan out the gifts and be debt free in the process.  Wouldn’t that be a great gift for everyone?

Please share your thoughts of any gift that made you feel loved or something you do for others.  The gifts from the heart

Thoughts from the Real World…Debbie