We went on a camping trip to Mexico over the weekend.  It was a great time and will share some photos on another post, but I got to thinking about the signs we saw on this trip and ones we have seen in the past.

  • Have you ever noticed the deers on the signs.? They are leaping.  Now most of the time I have seen deer on the road (not already attached to a car) they aren’t leaping.  I think maybe the sign is for them and not us.  “Hey, we better leap over these cars..see the sign?”
  • So we have a double yellow line to indicate no passing.  But there is a sign that also says it.  My guess is the sign is for the person who didn’t get this part of the written test correct.  How come the rest of the world is not like that.  You should have learned this in school but in case you haven’t here is a sign with the answer 2+2 = 4.
  • Elk Testing.  What do they teach the elk?  Do they graduate?  I really wanted to see if they were all at desks looking at a chalkboard, but they all played ‘hoof-ie” the day we drove by I guess.
  • I think my husband assumes the 15 mile an hour sign around a curve is a sign for the bicyclists.
  • Watch for animals 24 miles ahead.  So does that mean at 24.2 miles there will be no animals?  “George, you know you can’t cross over there.  That is past the 24 mile mark.  The people won’t know to look for you.  You will confuse them.”  So can we sue them if they cross that line?
  • Town names.  Why, Arizona.  I don’t know why are you asking me?   Boring, OR.  That will draw the tourists.  Is there really a Ding-Dong, Texas?  No, I mean a town.
  • Why don’t they have a sign to watch for insects?  They are the ones that suffer the most losses.  Animals have PETA; where’s the protection for them?  
  • And in case anyone was ever wondering where the wayside is, when someone has told you that’s gone by the wayside, that’s in Arizona too.   I saw the sign for it!  Wayside ——–>  So I went by the wayside.  I found VCR’s, black and white TVs, and a disco ball.

Well back to real life.  I think I need to put up a sign in my kids room to clean it as apparently I need to say it and have a sign.  Maybe that will work.  I think they missed that one on the test.

Have a well traveled day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha