My favorite bible story is Noah’s Ark.  For awhile I collected all the Noah’s Ark stuff out there (but then there is only so many Noah’s Ark pillows you can have).  When you look at all the Noah’s Ark pictures and items out there you see such a happy little picture.  The water is calm.  Even the animals are smiling for goodness sake and the nice rainbow in the background.


So what about the stench?  40 days and 40 nights my friends.  The animal waste couldn’t have been used in composting.  And what about all the years building the ark.  “Hey Noah, still building that ark?”  I’m sure that never got old.  So the constant rain must have been fun.  “Let’s go out unto the deck, no can’t it’s still raining.”  I hope everyone loved lots of rainy days (this really must have taken place in Seattle).  Don’t forget Noah was alone in his faith.  No church group, fellowship with other believers, or coffee and donut hour.  Now Noah trusted in God’s promises (just like the ones we have in the Bible), but I just don’t think it was that easy.  Can anyone pass the Dramamine?

It sure was a happy ending but don’t forget the process.  It took a long time to get there and was filled with lots of obstacles just like our life.  We have many obstacles but the best “Happy Ending” possible – Our Salvation!  I am Heaven Bound and that’s my kind of rainbow!

Have a Blessed but not Obstacle Free Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha