OK, so I have a little bit of everything today.

It’s one of those days when:

  • You wrap your hair in your towel and go about putting on your makeup etc.  A few minutes later you need to wipe your hands on your towel and can’t figure out where it went.  It’s sad but true.
  • You name your blog Potluck Thursday when it’s really Wednesday.  Or is it????
  • You where khaki pants and a red shirt and inadvertently shop at Target that day.  Guess how many people come and ask you what aisle the toilet paper is kept?
  • Your electric toothbrush stops (because you forgot to charge it!) and you stop and wonder what to do now!

For those of you who are interested in more homemade gifts I saw on the Women’s Day website 15 min crafts (now that’s for me!)

    visit:   http://www.womansday.com/article.asp?article_id=11396

For those interested I got a hair cut.  Why is this a big deal.  Well it’s been over a year and the tangles where driving me crazy (now what’s going to be my excuse?).  I feel 1o pounds lighter.  OK, maybe 2 🙂

TRAVEL TIPS:  These are from my lovely Aunt Diane.   Go to fullsize image

I have two travel tips which took me years to discover.

The shrinking suit case:

No matter what size suit case I have from a carry-on to a 32″ duffel bag, it is never big enough for the “stuff” I take. 

When I get to my hotel room, the clothes explode everywhere (I brought too much!!), getting them re-packed to leave is NOT fun because I am sure the suit case shrunk!!  One overseas three-week vacation, I needed to packed both fun and a wedding — too much stuff.  On a whim, I put every item in a zip-lock plastic bag (little ones and big ones).  I wear so much black I used a black marker to write “long black skirt”, “black butterfly top”, etc.  The rest I could see the item. 

This time clothing explosion was a piece of cake!! 


WOW, I got to the first hotel, rummaged through looking for one outfit, plastic bags of clothes flew everywhere.  When I found the ones I wanted for all the plastic bags were easily thrown back into the suit cases.  For three weeks I didn’t have the extra work of re-packing at each hotel and my room looked nice each day!!


Shampoo and Conditioner

In a snack size plastic bag, I put enough shampoo or conditioner for one hair washing.  In the shower, I open the plastic bag turn it inside out, rub the side of the plastic back with the shampoo on my hair, the throw the bag out.   No bottles that leak in flight and no space in the suit case is required.

And One Last Thought:                              

OK, so I have been wondering why if Hollywood is so open to ALL people how come I don’t think I would fit in.  Almost every article regarding Rachel Ray (whom I think is fabulous) deals with weight.  She is a size 6 for goodness sake!  The average size of women is 12 so why do they keep addressing this as if she is not small?  And heaven forbid you are conservative or a Christian.  I just read an article, while getting my hair cut, and Patricia Heaton gets death threats because of her conservatism and Christian beliefs.  She also believes that she may not get another shot if this new show of hers (which I haven’t watched) doesn’t work because of her beliefs and the criticism she gets from the Hollywood crowd.  I don’t understand.  I guess I don’t have the right dress size to understand!

Bye For Now,

Debbie aka The Real World Martha