Have you ever heard the saying “Miracles Come in Small Packages”?      Go to fullsize image

Of course they come in all shapes and sizes but more often than not, I believe, they come to us as we least expect it.  Isn’t that really true of God?  Everyone thought the second coming would be a prince on a white horse.  Not a baby, scruffy, doing regular work, servant, challenging the thoughts and rules of the establishment, nor with nail scared hands that’s for sure.  It’s not what we expect.

Could it come in a car accident that makes us thankful for our family in a way that we never were? 

What about a difficult person that teaches you how to have mercy and kindness?  

The challenge of another person’s opinion makes you think about why of what you believe in the first place. 

Alone time when you don’t want it makes you ponder ways you can branch out to others.  And also makes you more sympathetic to those who are lonely.

The call that made you frustrated only to make you reflect on being secure in your own decisions and not needing the approval of others all the time. 

Sometimes are blessings are really strange packages with thorns, blood, and nails instead of bows, paper, and ribbon….. 


                                                                       …..but in the end we come out of tomb better than we were going in.