It is so sad to see all the homes lost in the fires in California (my neighbor and birth state).  While tuning in to see the news I heard some suggestions that everyone, even if you’re not in a fire prone area, could find useful.

  • Make sure you know your insurance coverage. 
  • Be sure you have replacement value for your items.
  • Keep a video or photo diary of home improvements, jewelry, and all home items.  Go through your house and film everything including your closet and open up your drawers.
  • Place important documents in a safe deposit box so you don’t need to grab them including all important phone and account #’s ie. insurance company.  You may also want to have copies of photos or some original photos.
  • Practice fire safety with your kids so they know what to do (fire escape plan).
  • If you are a renter make sure you have a renters policy.
  • Think about where you will go if you are unable to get in your house for awhile.

These are just a few things that may help if you are ever in this situation.  You never know when tragedy might strike and it’s good to have a few things in order just in case. 

Please make sure to pray for all those that have lost their homes in this tragedy and for the fire fighters who work so very hard to keep us safe!