My son, age 11, and I were looking at some pictures of him from a couple of years ago.  He came to a picture of me and him together on a slide and asked “Is that you?”.  It struck me as odd since I haven’t changed that much since then.  No dramatic changes that is.  My hair is a bit darker, as I stopped with some highlights.  And my hair is a little longer.  I haven’t gone up a pant size.  I almost seem boring at times as I had someone, who hadn’t seen me for ten years, say that I haven’t changed a bit (not even a little I wondered).  I asked my son why he didn’t think that was me and he looked at me and then back to the picture.  He said “Your hair looks curlier there than TODAY”.  Yes, this was a tie your hair up (curly hair girls know) unmanageable hair day to say the least.  But I finally got it.  He kept looking back and forth to me right now and in the picture.  See he doesn’t really see me and what I look like everyday, he just sees what I do.   Am I a good mom?  What do my actions say to him?  Only his heart has a picture of me not his eyes.  I heard a vet say that dogs senses go in this order: smell, hear, and then see.  I think children’s senses go our actions, smell (yes, they smell those cookies two blocks away at their friends house) and then what they see (an unmade bed and the cup that’s been in their room for two weeks).

Will this change my appearance?  No, I won’t change because I don’t do it for him or anyone else.  It makes me feel good to have a little makeup on and some nice clothes.  This is turn helps me feel better about who I am and that makes me a better wife and mother.  At work you are expected to dress a certain way for a level of professionalism.  At home, I want to reflect a certain level of respect to myself with the way I dress.  It helps me carry myself in a way just like people who are going to a special event and get all fancied up carry themselves differently.  I don’t believe looking frumpy will help ME do the best I can with my day.  Now I am not talking June Clever with skirts and pantyhose but just my style own style.  But in the end I know it won’t matter to my kids.  They won’t care if I look like their friends or their hip Moms.  They just want me to be their mom and be a good one.

 P.S. – I was having trouble getting a picture of me and my beautiful boys up so if it doesn’t come up you will just have to imagine what we look like if you don’t already know me.  I will keep trying to get this up.  For some reason I can get all images from the Internet to post to my bog but not from my own files.  Not sure why.  Even when I have tried to change the format.

Have a GREAT MOM DAY!