Here is my profile from Divine Caroline

Some just for fun, true, and really true.

The 5 things always on my to-do list

  • 1: Cleaning
  • 2: Cleaning
  • 3: Cleaning
  • 4: Cleaning
  • 5: Oh, and cleaning

If I could donate $1 million to charity, it would go to


My Favorite Quote is

  • Jeremiah 29:11 (you’ll have to look it up)  Bible

3 things I would take on a desert island are

  • 1: hubby
  • 2: tan cream/spray (white as white)
  • 3: sand toys

5 unnecessary things in my purse right now are

  • 1: everything (except what I use of course)

My first word was

  • I can’t remember that!

The last belly laugh I had was

  • Thou Shalt Laugh Video with the puppets (we had to stop the DVD so many times)

The last thing I do before I go to bed is

  • close my eyes

Childbirth felt like

  • I think my exact words were “dljfkdjaljfdklsjlfjsdalk” as I couldn’t speak real words yet. 

2 people I would love to invite to dinner

  • 1: Beth Moore
  • 2: Billy Graham
  • and Michael W Smith (hey I have room at my table for 3 ok)

My dream vacation would be to

  • travel everywhere in a RV for a year!

The recipe I can prepare with my eyes closed is

  • cereal

I take my coffee

  • orange

My biggest pet peeve is

  • this question

I love my pet named

  • Whisper (who just passed), Brody, and Courage

Those closest to me know that

  • I rock! 🙂 I am sure that’s what my kids think when they are being disciplined that’s for sure!