OK, I have promised you some ideas for gift baskets.  I use to own a gift basket business so I feel like I have a few ideas but try whatever works for you:

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  • Local Products – Give products that are made only in your town or state.  This can be a great way to support local businesses and show off your town/state to those you love.
  • The Best of the Best – Oprah does it and so can you.  Gather up a few of your families favorite things and put them in a basket.  “These are a few of our favorite things.”  Think favorite movie, snacks, music, shampoo, etc.  Anything can be fun when they know it was the best you’ve tried.  Just make sure that it would be something that person would use.  This can be great to make several and give as a family gift.
  • Favorite Products– If you know someone really well try to include all their favorite items.  Favorite soda, candy, etc.  I have done an inexpensive basket with just a 6 pack of favorite soda and their favorite snacks for under $10.
  • Homemade Products– Have each person in the family make something and put them all together for a gift.  Picture frames, ornaments, beauty products (see my blog on homemade ones), etc.
  • For the Reader – Pack up any of these items blanket, slippers, gift certificate, coupon for reading time (good for Mom) book, gift certificate, magazine, coffee, coffee mug tea for a wonderful gift.
  • Beautiful – For someone into beauty take a list from a magazine of top beauty products and give the article as well as the products.  This is great for any lady but also works well for most teenage girls.
  • Off to College– If you know someone who just went away to college for the first time they might enjoy stamps, quarters, laundry detergent, sewing kit, hangers, coupon for an oil change, etc.  Think practical as they usually don’t have much money.  Put it in a container that they can use (Rubbermaid or such) or a laundry basket and make it look terrific with a big bow and great tissue.
  • Save the Planet– If you know someone who is wanting or starting to change their habits to protect the environment try a basket (from Goodwill) with a reusable cloth napkin, energy efficient bulbs, a plant, etc.  Check for Planet Friendly Products at www.goodhousekeeping.com (The best of Everything article had a list of options).
  • Cooks Unlimited – Give your favorite recipe and the tools and non-perishable items to make it.
  • BBQ Chef– In a Large oven mitt place some standard BBQ supplies like ketchup, mustard, wooden skewers, BBQ rubs or sauce, outdoor utensils, etc. 
  • Beach Bum– Is someone going to a tropical location for the holidays or soon?  Give them sunscreen, reading material, aloe-vera lotion, and a photo album in a beach bag.
  • Health Nut – This is very inexpensive but can’t be done ahead of time.  Gather a bunch of seasonal fruit along with some packaged or homemade granola and some nuts for your health nut!
  • Christmas Morning Basket – Fill a mixing bowl or Christmas basket with goodies to eat Christmas Morning.  Prepackaged or homemade muffins, cookies, pancake mix, jam, wassail mix, syrup, fruit, coffee, tea or whatever you can think of to make sure Christmas breakfast will be fun and easy.  Don’t forget to write on the tag to open on Christmas Eve.

Remember the key is to keep a theme and think inexpensive items to go with it.  Don’t forget the packaging!  You can always use a standard basket (some of which you get via resale stores) but use other items as well such as pretty boxes, useful items, bowls, reusable plastic containers, colander, platter, cloth shopping bag, cookie sheet, pot for plants, metal bucket, etc.  Use tissue paper, towels, napkins, bandannas, etc for lining. 

These are just a few ideas.  I should have one more blog with ideas before the holidays are here so please check back.  If you need help with a person and want an idea, please leave a comment and I will do my best to see if I can come up with an idea.  Also, if you have some unusual ideas for people that are hard to buy for please leave your ideas for all of us to try.

Debbie aka The Real World Martha