I have thought, many times, about moving everything out of our house and moving back in!  My husband thinks I am crazy of course.  Who wants to voluntarily pack up all their belongings and be displaced for as long as it takes?  ME.  I guess it does sound crazy.  Moving is stressful but it rids me of things I can’t seem to part with before.  When you move you ask yourself do I really need this?  The thought of moving back in the same house is even better because you know that house backwards and forwards; more backwards than forwards but that’s back to the crazy part.  When you move to the unknown house you don’t have any idea where anything is going.  With your house you know what storage containers you need and where the family picture is going.  You get to fix the mistakes you made like the wrong paint you picked out twice!    You also get to pull carpet out (that’s been there longer than the house I think). Am I convincing you?  Well I may have had a change of heart much to my husband’s delight.

As I got to thinking about this I am wondering if it really will accomplish what I want it to.  Now I still haven’t written off the idea but I did a little (lot) of reflecting on the matter.  Am I really going to be able to come in and see no more projects?  Will I ever really be able to look around and see something out of place.  Of course not I have children for goodness sakes!  Are the storage containers going to always fit what I need them too?  This isn’t realistic Debbie, she tells herself.  It will never be perfect (or can I hear you say Martha).  My home and life will always need adjustments.  I will have to purge things from my closet that belong in another decade.  My file cabinet will need new files  or some taken away.  I will purchase a container for shampoos and the new improved bottle won’t fit.  There will always be projects that I will need to work on them slowly but surly (why is it Surly and not Laverne?)  And if there will always be projects sometimes I might have to just accept it and have some fun.  And so this has become a metaphor for my life.

So the deep thoughts this has created remind me of a couple of things:

  • CHANGE – I need to deal with change.  My husband knows that once I have my mind on something it takes a little steam, mine, to get my focus changed.  Once I do I am ready to roll.  Maybe I need to work more on the ability to acclimate more.  You think? 
  • PERFECTIONISM – I have let some of that go over the years but I think it is bombarded on us in our society and for those with a bent toward it it’s hard to let go of sometimes.  The work is never done as most Mom’s know.
  • MISTAKES- This goes along with the perfectionism.  There will be mistakes in our homes as well as our lives.  I have repainted a room so many times to get the “right” color and it’s a lot of work to paint!  Maybe I need to slow down and think about it more before I take this on so I don’t have to do it again.  But I will sometimes have to look and live with my mistakes awhile and they will not always be so easy to get rid of. 
  • GROWING – Not outside but inside.  I want to be able to grow spiritually and that will take small steps each day and can’t be done all in a small period of time and never have to do it again.  I am reminded of the saying “God isn’t finished with me yet.”  and yet I guess I have felt like I should be all done by now.

I will always have changes in my life but I have to learn how to ride it out.  We all need a little cleaning out from time to time; both inside and out.  More than likely it will be done over the long haul and not in a few months time.  So for now, my hubby is happy as I haven’t packed the boxes….yet.



Debbie aka The Real World Martha