Have you ever sent a chain email along?  I usually don’t send too many along as my thought on email is more of a letter than something not very personal, but I do receive them.  My blog on the other hand is another story.  I feel more comfortable posting stories as it is a place people want to read.  Well recently I posted a story that I just found interesting.  It was something I read, quickly, and just said hummm.  I posted it out there in my nice friendly blogging world where I have fun talking with other people.  Some people read this story as I did but others took it as some kind of statement and ran, as my brother would say, like a heard of screaming turtles. 

I decided to remove the story as it was not something I felt passionate about and I felt like it could misrepresent who I am.  This however is not to say that I mind people disagreeing with me.  I just want it to be done with something that I have a real opinion about and not a little story that was just there.  I was also no longer enjoying my little blog world.

This is what I learned:

  • Be careful what you put out there.  “Be slow to speak” or type in this case.  I will try to make sure what I put out there really comes from my heart.
  • Don’t judge others to quick with their words.  Sometimes people just talk (type) don’t jump on a bandwagon (sorry) as you really don’t know people from just a few words.  Get to know someone.  I read a blog where the Mom had a bad day and just wanted to write about it.  Others became very concerned (which is really sweet in this case) but it was just a bad day…that’s all!  Blogging is just a quick way to express yourself at times.
  • My blogging world may not be as friendly and safe as I thought 😦

I would like to add my two cents for when you do want to post a comment to someone.

  • Please make sure that you give the person the benefit of the doubt. 
  • If you are inclined, pray before you send something out that God may guide your words in a kind and loving manner.

I do appreciate other points of view so I hope this will never discourage anyone from that.  I do hope comments are done with respect, but I know people will not always agree with me.  I just wanted to make sure my blog reflects who I am.


Debbie aka The Real World Martha