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I don’t know what my problem is lately.  I have had this mothering thing going on.  I guess it’s the age.  Men have a motorcycle mid-life crisis women have a baby one.  I think I am getting to the point where I feel the pressure for my husband and I to make the final decision about having any more children.  Most days I am done and two is good but there have been more, lately, of what about a big family.  So that “talk” happens.  Hubby is ok with two.  Ok, so what to do?  I think he’s right unless something in the future changes.  It would be a financial challenge, our house is small, the little one still has attachment issues, as well as the age difference of my youngest.  Also, we are even so if we go to an amusement park there is no odd man out 🙂 (haha).

So I think I am resolved and then the puppy at the park comes along.  

I feel I should give you a little of my animal background (No, I don’t mean I was an animal in another life).  I love animals and have always had a cat.  We had a golden retriever pup die a few years ago at the age of five.  We just recently adopted a chocolate lab  (who’s blind in one eye) about 6 months ago and have a cat that is mostly outside (his choice).  We also just lost my kitty of 13 years.  She was my baby and the only other girl in the house!  So the pup at the park was so sweet but having two dogs…… I am not sure about that one (at least for now).  The extra gifts in the backyard, the accidents on the carpet, and our house is a bit small for that.  Our lab also snaps at other dogs so he might not be thrilled.

Now what?  So I’m really not sitting around thinking about this..really I’m not!  All of a sudden (dramatic music please) I want a kitten REALLY BAD!  I am now thinking about how to bring up the subject.  Well we have another “talk” in which my husband must think “What are you doing?  Can’t you just give it a rest?”  Although he is the Best Hubby in the World, he’s still human.  Our oldest was around so he chimed in loudly (another animal and cat lover).  My husband didn’t share our enthusiasm.  We table the discussion for the family meeting which just happened to be the next day. 

The family meeting.  Did you hear all the begging and pleading?  And you should have heard the kids.  My husband asks can we just enjoy the (2) animals that we have for awhile?  Well, I protest, we do.  “Are we not doing something that we could be doing with them?” I ask.  “No” he says.  So I don’t feel like I have been given a good reason not to have a little kitty around.  Well we had to close out the meeting as I had a show to do.  I guess I am now left to ponder the contentment lesson that screams at me.  Be thankful in all circumstances even when your hubby isn’t as big of an animal lover as you are.                                                                        


By the way I could have asked for a rooster, cow, or sheep, but I didn’t (which is another story all together).  Doesn’t that count for something 🙂