Before you get your Santa shorts in a bunch (I love that saying), I adore Christmas!!  No hate comments please!  I have just been thinking about the waste it creates and I would like to find real solutions that regular people can/will do.  If you are someone who uses leaves instead of toliet paper than I may not be able to relate 🙂 

As I have been writing this post I recently read a few articles in this months Women’s Day magazine with some suggestions.  The article “To You, From Me” by Paula Spencer talks about how we need to put the thought into a present to avoid waste (at least that’s what I got out of the article).  I really agree with this.  And there was a little section on “Have An Earth-Friendly Holiday” by Amanda Greene that had some suggestions as well.

I enjoy receiving Christmas cards but not so much sending them out.  I think more and more people are the same way and so it just becomes something for a lot of us to do.  Then we just get a card with some names and a quick “Hi” if that.  It has me wondering about the waste of it all.  You purchase the cards $$(unless you are more Martha and make them), write in them, and pay the postage $$.  Don’t forget about the time doing them (this is only a waste if it’s nothing very personal or just to get them done.)  After Christmas the cards are then given to organizations that do crafts, recycled, or most get thrown away. 

So what to do?  If you send out E-Cards it is not exactly cozy and not everyone has email.  I would love some suggestions in regards to this.  Of course recycled paper is a good way to go but are there any other ideas on this?  I am not overboard with this so I am not looking for using fallen tree bark via the wind as an answer 🙂  I am looking for more thoughts on how not to be so wasteful in this area.

As far as gift wrap is concerned, here are a few of mine:

  • You can use pillowcases
  • Recycled paper
  • Newspaper,
  • Paper bags that can be decorated
  • Reusable gift bags and boxes NOTE:  When you use these things try to put a note for the recipient to “Please use this item again.  I won’t tell anyone.” or “Recycle me.  I’m too pretty to be thrown away.” or “Please don’t throw me away.  It stinks in there”.

When it comes to gifts I have talked about in previous posts about some ideas.  There is a movement to only buy consumable things that way there is no clutter with things that people may not use.  Of course, homemade gifts, done tastefully, can be a good way to go and help on costs.  Donations to charities that the recipient supports works very well.  Any ideas??

With decorations I am learning the less is more option.  I LOVE Christmas and do love to decorate.  Now I don’t have a Santa toilet cover or a inflatable reindeer in my yard but I do have too much stuff.  I am going through, much to my hubby’s delight, my stuff this year and really looking at what should stay and what should go.  I still want my house to warm and Christmasy, but I want to use more things that are natural and easy rather than complicated and obnoxious.

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Start sending the ideas.  I may not be able to do them this year but may be able to use them next year.

Debbie aka The Real World Martha