There is so much yuck, if you will, in the world.  Many times we ask or here someone else asking why God just doesn’t fix the world.  I heard that a entertainer once said, when asked what they would say or ask God if there is a heaven, and the performer said “If there is a God, he has a lot of explaining to do.”.   

Of course I can’t explain why bad things happen or why there is starvation and hurt children as I only know in part.  My vision is clouded by sin and the fact that I am NOT God.  It reminds me of a 3 year old child who asks Why? But Why? Why?  Of course they are learning but they also have a very limited vision of life.  Sometimes children have to go through a little crying so they can sleep through the night, not find you for a minute (while you are watching) so they don’t wander away from you again, or get told “No” when they want to eat candy every minute of the day.  I have to trust in my Dad as He loves me!

Some things that happen are a direct result from our own actions and they can have a ripple affect unto others.  As a Parent, I ask myself is it really God’s responsibility to clean up our messes?  God allows us to make choices and there are results that come along with it just as parents allow their children to experience the choices they make.  How many times do we bail out our children and they never learn a lesson?  Sometimes the only way to get our attention happens to come in a 2X4 as we don’t listen to the still small voice.  But by His mercy He does correct our mistakes and keeps us from our consequences at times.  I think we just don’t always recognize it and chalk it up to luck.  Do we live out his forgiveness?  Do we stop doing our behavior?  Unfortunately sometimes change only occurs when we have hit rock bottom. 

God gave us a free will to be in relationship with Him or not to.  When individuals start to date they go through a process that can be painful ,and can be filled with rejection, in hopes to find the person they will spend their life with.  In the end, there is a person that you have chosen and they chose you to love until death do you part.  Would you rather have had a pre-arranged marriage then to pick your life partner?  I am sure there would be less pain in the process but in the end there is a true relationship of choice and love.  The benefit in the relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, is that He will never let us down like people do.  He won’t abandon us or divorce us.

I am also reminded that this is not heaven.  It’s hard to expect a perfect world when it is not one.  That is why the promise of heaven is so sweet.  It is the place of no pain or crying!  We want this world to be it but it’s not.  “There will be wars and rumors of wars.”  We are in the dating stage and waiting for the true love of our life.  The only difference is we know who it is but do we take the time to know Him?  He wants to talk to us.  He has written a letter to you, have you read it lately? 

He’s real!  And He loves you to DEATH!

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