National Adoption Day is Nov 10th. 

I have to admit that, so far, I have not read too many blogs regarding adoption yet.  We adopted a special needs child (emotional not physical) so this subject is near and dear to me; so I have done a little exploring lately.  The little that I have read when it comes to Christians and adoption is that the Church wants to encourage adoption as a ministry.  I believe this is a ministry no doubt about it!  There are so many kids in need that it is truly sad!  At the same time I have a concern that people will take this as anyone who is a Christian should feel compelled to adopt.  This is where I have a problem.  We felt called to do this and it has been the biggest challenge and blessing of our lives.  There are times we feel totally alone as many people (esp. non-adoptive families) fail to understand our challenges. 

As with anything God calls each person differently.  I would like the church to educate on children in need but not for adoption to be the only way people they can help the “widows and orphans”.  God doesn’t make us all the same and we should make sure that we listen to our specific calling. 

If you are a church I would like to recommend opening all points of discussion and information including those that have been called so they can give a realistic point of view.  Don’t become a salesman but a vehicle for those who have been called. 

If you have been exposed to the thought of adoption (in or out of church) pray, pray, and pray!  Make sure this is what you are called to do.  Don’t do it out of guilt or obligation.  Do it because God has stamped it on your heart! 

Here are some ADDITIONAL ideas to help Widows and Orphans:

  • Invite a widow over for dinner
  • Sponsor a child (Compassion International and such)
  • Volunteer in a crisis center or adoption agency
  • Babysit, cook, and/or clean for an adoptive family
  • Get to know an adoptive family
  • Make a meal for a foster family
  • Visit shut-ins
  • Adopt an adoptive or foster family.  Make sure they have a place to go for the holidays, help with Christmas if needed, etc.
  • Become a Foster Parent
  • Pray for them!
  • Start a support group for adoptive families or seniors at your church
  • Be a financial support to those who are adopting as it can be very costly
  • Consider being a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)

This is just a small list so feel free to add your ideas and thoughts.  Of course adoption is a wonderful process and can be a tremendous blessing but it needs to be one that God has brought you to not anyone else.  So that’s what I think.  What about you?