No deep dark depressing thoughts, but I am just pondering the thoughts of fitting in.  I have really been thinking about this in the blogging world although this is true with my non-Internet world.  I am learning that I am a mix breed. 

I am interested in environmental issues but currently have bleached paper towels in my house.

I love veggies./fruit and pizza. 

I am not sure if I could say I would only vote for one party exclusively.

I am a Christian, and I don’t mind visiting atheists blogs as I here about their story, and sometimes pain, and pray.

I like to shop, and look nice, and shop at goodwill. 

I don’t live in a fancy house but it’s gonna look pretty as best I can. 

I like to write but am not the best at grammar and spelling. 

I am a girly girl and love jeans and sweats too.  

I love music..lots and lots of music even my old 80’s music -is it really old 😦 ? 

I don’t make my own bread but like simple living principals 

I like to camp but like a nice hotel too! 

I love to entertain and have a clean house but like the kids to have fun too.

I have one child that I homeschool and one in public school. 

I adopted one child and have one birth child.

Just who am I?  Debbie.  I know who I am, and I don’t fit in a box very well.  I went to a retreat awhile back and was pointed out as not looking as “comfortable” as the others.   Now I was not wearing heals and full make up but jeans, comfy shoes (but not tennis shoes) and a tad bit of makeup.   I was told to relax.  I was.  I was totally comfortable in what I was wearing and who I was.    Why was my friend not?  Is there some sort of clothing creed that you take to come to a Christian’s retreat? Or I had a friend who I loved to shop with but, very much, looked down on me for shopping at Goodwill.  I also had a friend who thinks that if you’re house is not a mess your motherhood is questioned.  Why is it that we have such a narrow view of what a creation of God should be?

                                                       (that’s me with the dark hair at the retreat)

I can see this in blogs as well.  I feel like there is a “type” if you will and I am trying to find if I fit a type to comment on the blog.  Even the weblogs are set up to surf the ones you have in common with.  And let’s not get started on the punches and throws if you don’t agree or they don’t with your viewpoint.  I guess I am not sure where I fit in at times.  I am not a cooking, organizational, homeschooling, adoption, Christian, Fun, inspirational, craft only blog.  I am a hodge-podge and am ok with who I am, but sometimes it seems like other people just fit in a niche so well the Golden Retrievers of the World. 

I think we tend to try to fit everyone in a mold and not embrace the differences that God has made in us.  I haven’t come across any people that won’t let me comment or talk with them, thankfully. They may never come to talk with me but as least I have connected on some level.  I think blogging reflects the world where we (even myself) try to put people in a nice tidy box.  Oh they are a Christian SAHM that homeschools so they must bake bread , sew, and eat by candlelight while calling out for John Boy.  If they do that’s great, but what if they don’t?  “He’s an environmentalist and a republican, how can that be?” 

Are you a pound puppy too?  I can relate and I will try not to fence you in 🙂

Challenge:  Open yourself up to a blog that is different from your own.  Is there anything you can relate to?  That’s what holds us together not our differences.   

Just some thoughts.