Ironing is not one of my favorite sports.  I had a roommate in college that would iron for fun…so not me.  I have a spray bottle of water in my closet, and I “iron” my clothes that way or the “quick pull that out of the dryer” method works well too).  So I can upon a clearance Crinkle Skirt (I should have a picture of mine but I don’t).  If you aren’t familiar with a “Crinkle Skirt” it is just a un-ironed piece of clothing that is suppose to be that way….terrific!  I thought it was very cute and would fit in with the rest of my wrinkled, I mean “crinkled” clothes.  When I got it home I went to hang it up and there were instructions on how to keep it crinkled.  What??????  OK, I know there are people who love to iron but is it really necessary to give instructions on how to keep something wrinkled?  It made me smile though 🙂

Have a iron deficiency day.  

(* This is not my skirt but I thought I could give you an idea of a wrinkled skirt, I mean “Crinkled Skirt”, in case you are one not familiar with the concept of wrinkles. )