Who is Martha?        

Of course I knew that answer when I named my blog however some may not know who I am referring to.  The Real World Martha is referring to a special someone on the TV that knows how to do everything very well!  

I didn’t even think about the Martha in the Bible.  As I got to talking with someone I thought oh maybe they thought I meant biblical Martha (who may have had very similar traits to TV Martha).

I thought I would just clear that up.

Speaking of the Biblical Martha.  I think she gets a bad wrap because we can look at the people in the Bible and convince ourselves that we would have never done that…. “There’s my high horse.  I’ve been looking all over for you.”  She did come around with Lazarus but a lot of people only remember the perfume incident.  Why do we always want a “bad guy”?  It puts them down and us up?  This is, of course, nothing new.. “Who will sit right next to you Jesus? the disciples asked.”

This got me to thinking about names and their impact on us.  My husband has made me think of this even more as his name is Thomas (goes by Tom) and he is tired of the sermons on The Doubting Thomas.  I have even heard people use that phrase with my husband if he is not “believing” as they want him to.  When I got to listening to people talking about him (Bible Thomas) I could understand where he (hubby) was coming from.  Even as I try to pull up images for Martha there were none to speak of and many of Doubting Thomas.  It is very negative most times.  Like we wouldn’t or don’t doubt.  I can definitely see how much it does weigh on someone when there name is tied to something negative or anytime we think negatively about someone it can/will change the outcome. 


I had a different experience as my name is Deborah (go by Debbie) and I had a positive view of my name and the information of Deborah, whom I was named after, from the Bible.  I was always told how strong she was.  I feel like I have some of the same characteristics I learned about her.  Nature or Nurture????

When we named our boys (we changed our adopted son’s name as it had very!!! negative connotations),we wanted them to have a very positive and meaningful connection to their name.  I hope they will.  Names can be very powerful.

Has your name been a positive or negative for you?