America Recycles Day is today!  Please check out the website –  There is even a section of fun events by state.


I was blessed to have lived in the Northwest where reduce, reuse, recycle is as common as, if not more than, McDonald’s.  I don’t live a perfect “Green” life, but I think even some small changes make a difference.  And after the small changes you want to make even larger ones.  It’s also so great to get the kids involved.  My kids know what numbers to look for on plastic and our recycle bin is part of everyday life.  Just remember that recycling should be the last thing we do. 

Reduce what you consume helps your pocketbook as well as the environment (helpful to think of this as we purchase for Christmas.).  Then we think of ways to use the item again- reuse.  I love some of the projects that have come about to reuse an item however I like to be cautious that I am not creating more waste just to reuse it.  The last one is to recycle as it does take energy to recycle as well.

What can I do today that will make a difference?  Check out these sites for some great info regarding the Enviornment: (for kids)

Do you have any ideas?  Let us hear them.  If this is not your thing, “its ok destroy our earth see if we care”…just kidding!!!  I do want to challenge you to see if you can incorporate one thing to take care of what we have been given.  If you do, let me know.  Tell me and/or show pictures of what you challenged yourself to do.