My son, who is 11, wanted a cell phone for his birthday bad. “I will not have a party, no cake, no other presents, nothing but a cell-phone….please?”, he pleaded.  Since he was turning 11 we decided that this may be the last birthday party we would have as he is growing out of the traditional “kid” party.  We talked about the choice of not celebrating with friends just to have a thing.  We were also unsure of the cell-phone and what he wanted it for.  Was it just to say he has one as, really, everyone he knows has’s true!  So we had the party and no cell-phone.  This was talked about by everyone; Son, Mom, and Dad.  We did tell a family member, who asked what he wanted, that he was wanting one and a pay as you go model may work for him and be cheap enough.

Birthday time came.  Our son had a great time at his birthday party!  He opened his gifts and no cell-phone which is what he expected (even though deep down you always wait for someone to surprise you).  He did get a couple of gift cards.  We explained that because Grams lives far away she sent you the card instead and you can get the cell phone with the gift card if you want.  He also wanted a scooter so decision time was at hand, or so we thought.

We went to the store and the phone was $14.99 ish with 10 min of air time.  Much cheaper than expected.  You should have seen him.  I purchased the phone holder as a Mom thing and we were off.  I asked if he would wait for Dad to help him get it going and it was enough to drive him crazy. 

Dad came home, eventually, and he was set to go.  He has changed the background, played games, the time and date is set, but no calls made.  I asked him to take his phone when he walked to his friends house and he protested “I don’t want to use my minutes.”.  I had to convince him that it was for a just in case of emergency.  It looks like this will teach him to budget his minutes.  I guess it’s not such a bad thing after all.

Now I know my 6 year old will want one way before 11.  He even knows a 7 year old, in our neighborhood, with a phone.  They barely know what to do with a phone.  I am sure I will here the begging and pleading soon enough.

Just as a side note:  He was able to get his scooter as well with his gift cards.  Isn’t it great that God gives us such wonderful things?  God gave it but first some tough choices needed to be made.  We put people ahead of things and we may not always get what we want when we want it but it stil may come in a different package -like a gift card.