If you know me you know that this post is a stretch for me.  I have fought for almost 10 years regarding living in Arizona.  We moved here from Oregon and I miss it there very much.  I am more and more coming to terms with the fact that I will be in Arizona and that there are some really wonderful things about it! 


  1. There are beautiful sunsets.
  2. Ray’s Pizza -yum!
  3. You never have to listen to the weather report.  It’s hot and sunny.
  4. No changing time (we don’t participate in the daylight savings time)
  5. Sedona and the Grand Canyon
  6. The friendships we have made here
  7. Palm Trees
  8. We can afford a home here
  9. Vito’s (yes, I do like food -food connects me as I grew up in Chicago and food is very important to Chicagoans)
  10. We can go swimming just about anywhere including a public pool close to our home

It’s taken me awhile to embrace Arizona and  it’s hotness.  I am learning to love it more each day and look at the MLS less in Oregon 🙂

Hope you enjoy where you live, but if you live in Oregon please don’t brag..we can get very homesick sometimes 😦