Today is my 37th birthday.                                    Go to fullsize image

I don’t mind saying it but it is pretty wild. I, like everyone else, do not feel that age.  Why is it that we feel younger than we are?  Not too long ago I told my husband that I would like to find a young families group at church and he quickly advised that we are no longer in that demographic.  It is true.  I look at a majority of people in our church- with babies- and they look like they just got out of diapers themselves.  I even look at our pictures of when my oldest was a baby and see that we were baby faced ourselves but it just doesn’t feel any different.

I really have no desire to relive my younger days.  I would never want to go back to high school or grammar school (K-8).  I love my husband and children bunches!  I wouldn’t replace my life.  I feel way more sure of myself, happy, loved, confident, etc. At the same time I am noticing the age.  Why is that?

One time I took a survey for a radio station that I listened to.  I was 34 (I think..memory goes you know) at the time.  The next year they called me again to see if I qualified and I was no longer in the demographic.  Once you hit 35 it’s all over as far as marketing is concerned.  That was the first time I really was like “What a minute!”.  I still listen the same and my opinion is still valuable…isn’t it?  Well guess what, they called this year.  I guess there is a new demographic in town 🙂

Go to fullsize image  So I guess with the incoming wrinkles and gray hairs there is a maturity that allows you to laugh at yourself a little more and contentment with who God has made you to be.  I am looking forward to growing more and more in who that person is and less of who others want me to be. 

I hope you are enjoying the person God has made you to be, without or without gray hairs, God has made you just the way He wants you!