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Buy Nothing Day

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Buy Nothing Day is on November 24th in the UK, just to give you a heads up, 23rd if you live in the US or Canada.

All the details are on their site, but in essence it aims to be a 24 hour moratorium on consumerism:

Saturday November 24h 2007 is Buy Nothing Day. It’s a day where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from consumerism and live without shopping.”

Join the group on facebook if you like, and look out for any events near you – ideas used in the past include creating a ’shopping free zone’ of beanbags and free stuff, organising swap meets, wearing zombie masks around malls, jamming checkouts, walking very slowly, or throwing tantrums in public places. Up to you whether you get involved in those…

The Real World Martha – I am not sure I agree with the tantrums and jamming checkouts (as the clerks should not be punished for doing their jobs) but I love the free swap meet idea.  I would think this would be a great day to exchange items with others or make gifts with your family.  Since the idea is to “tune into life” it would be a great day to just spend with your family (and no watching commercials).