Have you ever heard something and then it finally just hits you?  This thought of less stuff equals less work really just grabbed me just the other day. 


My hubby works many hours and as we think of purchases I got to thinking about how many hours he, or I; with part time jobs, would have to work for that.  It can really change the idea of purchasing things, esp. things you didn’t intend to purchase at the time.  

I know some people do a cash budget system to help see where there money goes.  This can have the same type of effect.  I did try this but was uncomfortable with having cash as I was not use to carrying cash.  I have tried to really think about my purchases in those terms.  “If I were spending cash would I still purchase this?”  So if you see me at the local store and you see a blank stare on my face you’ll know just what I am doing.

As we approach this gift giving season maybe you can try this concept and see if it works for you.  Just ask yourself “Do I want to work the hours that it takes to pay for this?  Is it going to benefit my family?”  Remember to do this in your head or the mall security might be called. 

**Family and friends will remember who you are and what you did not so much what you bought them.**

Have a BLESSED day!