I have never considered myself superstitious.  I don’t throw salt over my shoulder.  I will walk under a ladder while holding a black cat and looking in a broken mirror.  Although, I may crash into the side of a building because the cat saw his reflection in the mirror and I lost my balance trying to hold all that and not knock the guy off the ladder.  But that wouldn’t be the cat’s fault.  I am not superstitious, or am I????


This thought came to me this morning while I was getting ready.  See on Saturday’s I have time to think while getting ready as my husband is home and I have more than 5 minutes to get ready before the kids trash the house or each other. 🙂  I believe God revealed that I have “superstitions” and just haven’t acknowledged them as they are just different than what I thought they would be.

I just now realized that I have believed that if I think too much about how much I love my hubby and kids I might loose them (my Mom died when I was 17 and she was my best friend).  If my life is too good then bad things will start happening.  If I would have $ it will be taken away.  As long as I keep to myself and don’t rock the boat too much I will ward off evil (to a certain extent).  This came as such a shock to me that I really believed in this, but I have deep inside.  This explains why I get shocked when bad things still happen.  (No, I don’t need a number of a good counselor.)

Some of this belief was formulated when I would see deeply spiritual people have enormous tragedies.  Have you heard of Job?  Seen the movie End of the Spear?  And I won’t even go into all the people in my own life that I have seen go through much heartache.  Also, I believe that God doesn’t give us anymore than we can handle so if we are spiritual you better be prepared.  But since God does only allow what we can handle He has prepared us.  I guess I just don’t want to be prepared sometimes.  Which really is not only a control issue but also too enamored with the world and what it offers.

While my son did his morning devotion his Bible verse was Jeremiah 45:5 “Don’t be discouraged.  I will bring great disorder upon all these people, but I will protect you wherever you go.  I, the Lord, have spoken!”  And He spoke it for me.  I realized what I was putting in my head.  I felt like I could control these situations and avoid bad things from happening.  Nope!  (I know you already know this. The nope is for me.)  I can’t avoid bad things from happening but I can trust in the One who will protect me and love me no matter what.

Isn’t the Lord awesome?  See when we are given these revelations we can change them in our lives to make them better.  Not too much better so something might happen though…just kidding.  I am a work in progress!