So if you read my previous post about getting another animal …we did it.  We have a new little kitten.  My boys wanted to go to Petsmart while on the way to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Dad said ok and we went to “just look”.  We head straight for the animals!  I saw these two beautiful kittens that I thought were great, but they had to go together.  That’s not what I had in mind.  If I am having trouble selling the idea of one, two isn’t going to fly.  Low and behold my hubby found this kitten that he liked….what? 

This little crazy squirrel cat that was bouncing off the walls; literally.  I wasn’t sure about her but Dad saidfdfdafd (oops, she just attacked something and it scared me) said that if we were getting another animal he wanted to pick it out and he wanted a lively one.  So off he goes to the room to pet her.  Wait for me.  She was rather cute.  I just wasn’t sure about the bouncing off the walls thing.  Off he goes to get the carrier at home, and I paid for her.  By the way, this is a rescue organization that helps place animals not a “store” thing. 

So we get her home and the other animals take to her pretty well.  Our older “bully” cat isn’t such a bully.  He kind of runs away from her.  The dog is blind in one eye and scared of everything so he doesn’t mess with her.  I think she wishes he would though. 

The name meeting begins.  She is grey with a big bushy tale and really wild.  We have several names to choose from.  The vote is in and it is a tie.  So we go to another vote and there we have it…it’s rainy!  Not my first choice.  I wanted stormy.  But she should have been called squirrely!

It’s been really fun having a kitten around.  She is very playful, obviously, but also loving.  She runs around here like a chicken with her head cutoff. 

She is very cute and we love her; just don’t move too quickly!  Here she is….