Some of us are more apt to saying yes than others.  If you are a “Yes Person” than this is for you.  Just a simple reminder from one “Ok, I’ll do it” to another..

  • First go in prayer.  It’s ok to tell someone wait.  God tells us that often.  We are so fast paced that we think there needs to be an answer now.  Most cases it can wait. 
  • If you don’t feel this is meant for you then PROUDLY say no because that is the Lord’s answer not yours.
  • Remember that when you are saying no, you are giving another person an opportunity to say yes.  It might be just the right fit for them.  Don’t rob them of that opportunity.

There are lots of demands on your time so use it wisely and productively.  This is helpful not only during the holidays but anytime of the year.