I am the type of person that will save the very last bite of my meal for that which I have determined will be the best.  I make sure that it is the perfect amount of yummyness to enjoy.  Now this is not always a good thing as what if I were to die before I got to that bite and not even had a chance to enjoy it?  Well that’s not likely to happen but it is likely that my pants have been telling me to stop 20 bites ago.  It also may not be as warm as it should be because I waited too long to partake.

This theory goes into other parts of my life.  I was recently reminded that saving the best for last doesn’t always work out so well.

I have tons of craft supplies, like every good mother should, right?  I do like to do crafts but intention and reality are often different.  I often look at these books and crafts and feel overwhelmed about where to start.  Sometimes the kids aren’t interested when I am or vice versa.  Whatever the case maybe they just sit there at times and wait for the perfect moment.  Probably screaming “Use me, you fool!”  I think I can hear them now discussing how much time they have left on this earth.  Can anyone relate?

 So, I needed to do a sign for a church craft table.  I thought “Oh, I have the perfect Christmas sticker letters in my craft supplies.  It will be sooo cute.”  I go to sorting through the entire bucket for the perfect letters.  Cutting some of the ones into the letters I needed but couldn’t find.  This is time consuming but it will be great and look so clever.  I have it set up and ready to peel off the backs to make my sign.  The cat comes along and knocks the paper and stickers everywhere (Wild One).  “Ok, a minor setback.” I thought.  I put everything back together and started to peel the sticker backings off to put onto the paper.  The first few were just like any other sticker you would expect, or so I thought.  I then brushed the paper accidentally and the stickers weren’t sticking and again scattered all around!  Now I had to get the glue stick out to try and make them stick.  With every letter my fingers becoming more sticky and caked on with glue.  Do I go wash up after each letter or just keep trying to stick them to the paper while they were very happily adhering to my fingers instead.   (Note to self- Don’t store Christmas stickers in a hot Arizona garage!)  Ok, now this is getting ridiculous!

I thought what a waste.  All this time I could have used these stickers for something.  I could have let me kids use them even for what I would sometimes consider a nonsense project that will just go in the trash in 3 minutes.  Nope!  They sat there waiting for the perfect craft.  Now I have a pile of stickers that are not as useful.  Now for all those worried about the fate of the stickers, they will get used but just think if they would have been used in their glory days.

 What a valuable lesson.  So often I do this in lots of areas in my life.  Kids (“They will always be there right?”), housework (“I will wait until I have the whole day to clean the garage so I can do the whole thing and not just part of it.”),  Hubby (“We can’t afford a babysitter for date nights.  Can’t we just wait until another time–perfect time I mean.”)   I want to use this lesson and not leave it to be learned in the “perfect” moment. 

“Ok, stickers, stop screaming, I’m coming!” or was that the kids.  Hard to tell.