“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”

Well this idea may not be for your true love, but for those we are called to love.  Our family has decided to take on the 12 days of Christmas and do something- The 12 day of Christmas Challenge.  We are going to take each day and focus it on giving to others.  One day we are taking homemade cards to hospital patients.  On another day we are taking cookies to a nursing home.  We will also be taking food to a family we know in need.  There are jail inmates, shut-ins, the homeless, and soldiers also on the list. We have our schedule all setup.

Now the 12 days of Christmas is suppose to be Christmas until Jan 6 (Epiphany) when we celebrate the Magi arriving to see the New King.  We have decided to do this the 12 days leading into Christmas Day.  This time of year can be so lonely and hard for people.  Of course, anytime of year people need to be helped.  This is just one way to help serve others during this time of year.

I hope you find true meaning in this season.  Do you have a special project you are working on?  It truly does feel better to give than receive.  Let’s help the poor, downhearted, sick, orphaned, and widowed this season (and always).