I have to admit that I love cooking shows, or segments, and have a deep fondness for the Rachel Ray talk show that’s on TV (since we don’t have cable).  Of course the popular notion is that you can cook dinner in 30 minutes.  I love most of the recipes and generally try them with whatever ingredients I have on hand.  I am a let’s try this and when it works don’t ask me if I can repeat it again as I won’t be able to remember what when into it.

The thing that makes me laugh if when people get on TV and say this is so simple.  So I would like to announce that for those who like to cook, it’s not the cooking that is the problem.  The meal planning, shopping with two children, that are hungry and crabby, with 25 coupons in hand on a budget, the prep work including cutting, opening, organizing, and the cleaning up the noodles that were thrown across the room, and not to mention the 15 pots and pans that are now sitting in my sink.. that’s the issue.  I think anyone who even comes close to enjoy cooking would attest that we don’t have the problem with coming up with a meal in 30 minutes. 

Next reality show for the Food Network:   REAL WORLD COOKING

Concept:  Chef who takes on shopping for a family of four (with the kids in tow) for $70 a week.  Chef  does all  meal planning and pantry organizing as well as chopping and prepping all food; no sous chef allowed!  Each person at the table will, I’m sure, say “yummy”!  And the kitchen now gets cleaned up (even the sauce that hit the wall in a spontaneous ovation to your food).  After the show is all done the chef gets to lift up their wine glass and must declare “Now that was easy.  Anyone can do that!”

I am waiting for that to be on…are you?  Heck I will host the event at my house.