Ok, so I have to admit that my blog has not been a chronicle of my homeschool experience.  We decided to homeschool for a different reason than most.  I am really doing the homeschool choice to make the bond better between my adopted son and myself.  While others, I have met, are homeschooling as a choice in schools so it’s a slightly different mind set. 

During the day I am just trying to keep up with studies while keeping my son away from the many items he likes to stick in his mouth (at 6 almost 7 years of age).  Can you tell me how I can get a child this age to stop eating cat food?  This of course is just one issue that we are working on while continuing studies.

After my two side jobs and homeschooling in this situation I haven’t felt much like I have wanted to write about this part of the adventure.  I have really enjoyed writing about other issues, ideas, thoughts, etc that I have bouncing in my head.  So just in case you are wondering we are still homeschooling the little one and can always use tips and help but mostly prayers.