Well I had the shirts purchased, hair cuts done, and the tree ready to go for my son’s to do a Christmas picture.  Now I have to be honest that I have tried to do Christmas cards in the past but it’s not one of my favorite part of the holidays and it sometimes shows.  This year I really wanted to try and get the kids photo done and just do a card from that.  The creativity abounds on this project!

I should mention here that I have cut my children’s hair for many years.  As the oldest has gotten older, 11, (and he has  thick hair) I have had to relinquish this duty and pass it to a professional.  The little one is still easy to do so I do it (for cost factors).  So it’s a real treat, for the little one, to go to the salon and get the special gel to make your hair stand up spiky for days on end (even after a shower).  Which we just took the expense plunge and did it a week ago for …the pictures!

Did I mention already that I bought the matching shirts? 

Today I had to go to the dentist and Dad came home early to be with the little one (almost 7) and waiting for the oldest when he gets off the bus.    When I can home the little one looked funny. 

More information for the story:  Right now he is on a type of grounding from treats and such because he has…; well too many poor decisions to go into here.  Sufficient to say he’s not happy with his punishment or discipline or whatever you want to call it.

I ask him “What happened to your hair?”.  He replies “I didn’t cut it.”  “Yes, I can see that.  Did a wild animal get a hold of you and tear your hair apart?”

Well I should show a picture of the new and improved hair cut but I don’t have one and don’t really want one.  I know I will look back on this and laugh but by then I will be too old to even see the picture let alone remember who it was.  We will just have to say remember when…

I buzzed it to even it out a bit but even on a #1 blade it still has patches.  And to top it off, literally, he has extreme dry scalp (like cradles cap..or crap).  He has these huge dry patches all over his head. It’s quite attractive. 

“OK, everyone smile.”  Maybe I will wait until after Christmas to take the picture.