Toy drop and ride. 

The police and fire dept will be hosting an event tonight.  You drop off new toys and get a ride in a police car or fire truck.  They are taking donations for a crisis center that helps children after they are taken from the home (abuse-neglect) before they enter foster care.  Since our little one was adopted from the system this is near and dear to us. 

*If you ever want to help in this area please contact your local crisis center as ours was in desperate need of formula!


I received another call from my friend (day 1) and she is still trying to figure out who brought the package by…hehehe.  I did realize that dropping food off at someones door can be a little concerning as they don’t know who gave it to them so we will have to decide if we are going to do the other anonymous or not.

Last night’s Toys for Tots campaign, day 2, was interesting.  The Toys R Us that we went to couldn’t have a display up, or box, due to the fact people were stealing the sad 😦  It was a total mad house there.  People were pushing and shoving.  As we dropped off the toys with the cashier, so she could take them to the back, people were cursing (including the F word which is so appropriate for a toy store filled with children).  Ah, What a wonderful time of the year.  I am really glad my shopping is done! 

On the up note we went to Vito’s afterwards for dinner.  If you ever come to Phoenix you have to go to Vito’s pizza.  A cute little neighborhood pizza joint just like Chicago.  It should be as the guy who runs it is from Italy and then Chicago.  They cut the pizza in little square pieces just like a pizza should be right?  Or you can order the deep dish with sausage (these are not sausage pellets but the real thing).  It’s YUMMY!  Once slice will do you.

It’s proving to be interesting to keep secrets.  One of the ladies on our list called our home this morning and my oldest is telling her where we were last night and about our Operation 12 days of Christmas.  We had to get him off the phone in a hurry! He sure has the gift of gab.

Blessings to All!