Update on the 1st night’s mission:  We went to the store and purchased the items for our project yesterday.  We had the plan to drop it off, ring the doorbell , and run.  The parking was assigned.  The runner chosen.  The hiding bush picked out.  But no one was home.  We went to another location, a parking lot across the street, to watch for the car.  No car. 

All of a sudden the parked cars that were around us started to leave.  No more camouflage.  We had to find another location.  All this sneaking around was fun!

We made a quick drop off the package to the front door and moved to a new, darker, undisclosed location.  No car.

We decided we would wait for an hour and then leave if no one came.  We sang Christmas carols. Actually we each had our own and we were trying to get the other one to mess up theirs.  Christmas carols never were so loud and obnoxious.  Speaking of obnoxious.  Our oldest was so thrilled about all this sneaking around that he was bouncing off the walls.  In a minivan that’s a lot of fun!

The hour came and went.  We decided that we would give it another 15 minutes as we didn’t want it to be stolen.  There was a robbery/shooting just down the block earlier that day.  Many headlights came around that corner but not theirs!

We prayed.  Then it was like God gave peace that it would be ok and that maybe He wanted us to leave so that they wouldn’t see us.  Our plan to escape unnoticed was not full proof.  Maybe he knew we would be discovered.  My only problem was that if she never said anything I wouldn’t know if it was stolen or they got it.  God provides all our needs!

We ended up leaving and we all had to use the restroom so badly there was a fight to get in the house!  We prayed this morning, again, that they got the package.  Actually it was my oldest who ASKED to pray this morning so that he could make sure they got the package alright.

Shortly after the prayer I got the call.  She asked a few questions and I thought please tell me she got the package.  She then asked “Did you drop off a package at my door?”  I said “No”.  OK, I know it’s lying but I also know God loves a cheerful giver and one that doesn’t need to be congratulated everytime they give something.  She said “I didn’t think it was you because it was so late and I thought you would leave a card or something”.  What fun! 

Now it’s her turn to have fun and think about the mysterious giver.  I have had a few people over the years do special things for me like this.  I am glad to return the blessing.

Tonight’s Operation 12 days of Christmas will take us to Toys R Us for a Toys for Tots campaign.  It won’t be nearly as exciting but rewarding none the less.

Merry Christmas!