Day 4

Today is busy with church, lunch with a friend, and my hubby’s Christmas party (for work).  In there we will be going to the store and picking up some items for a friend we know.  They recently adopted two children, from the state, and have another baby in their care.  They went from being a family of two to a family of five real quick.  She, the Mom, has been staying home but recently has been contemplating going back to work.  They live in a two bedroom apartment which for a family of five is tight!


The Drop and Ride Event was terrific!  After we dropped off our donation the kids got to ride in both the fire truck and police car.  It was a little strange to be taking your children’s picture while sitting in the back of the patrol car (bars and all).  I hope to never see that again. 🙂

If I didn’t know what as going on that evening I would have been a little concerned.  The Target shopping center was filled with lots of police and fire trucks with their lights on going every which way.  Tons of people were standing outside.  I bet no one tried to rob the store that night.

Here’s some pics of the event:



Operation 12 days of Christmas signing off.