Day 5 we will be making Christmas cards for the shut-ins at our church.


After Church I went to have lunch with my friend.  She also has needed my husband to take a look at her TV so we ran over there with toolbox in hand.  It seems to be working so we to pick up some more items for our bag for our….Operation 12 days of Christmas (imagine 3 boys -yes, my hubby included-enjoying this code name). 

We drove over to the apartment to scope things out.  My son gets out to find the right apartment as I was only at the complex once before.  We got the right one..we hope.  Dad and oldest grab the bag and place it in front of the door.  Dad walks away and hides. Our oldest waits for the signal and knocks on the door.  “Who’s there?”  comes from the other-side.  They are home.  He runs off and to the back of the complex to meet Dad.  But we still don’t know if they really got the package or not.  Dad wants to make sure.  He parks in the back and walks around.  Guess who???  Two of the children are outside playing..drats!  Maybe they didn’t see us.

Here they are running back to the getaway car:


I think it’s safe to assume that we are all having a lot of fun with this.  Stay tuned…..