Day 6

We made some additional cards and are going to take them to the local hospital today.  We also setup a table at our church’s Christmas party and kids made some there that we will take as well.

I have an appointment so the kids can talk with the volunteer coordinator about who receives the cards and we will also take a tour. 

This event came up as our little one had a broken leg about a year ago and when we past by the hospital, close to our home, the oldest mentioned how terrible it would be if it would have happened now and he would be in the hospital over Christmas.  So we thought what about those that are. 

Due to the patients health we can’t meet with them but with the staff helping the kids to understand should be very rewarding.


The shut in cards went well.  It was craft time as usual.  I tried to help explain what a shut-in is and we had a great discussion.  Although Dad had to work late and was not able to be with us 😦