Day 7 is my biggest so far.  I tried to find a nursing home that we could visit and maybe bring some goodies.  After a few calls I found one that we could go to.  I have to admit that the coordinator didn’t seem very interested at first but then wanted us to bring goodies enough for 60 make it 80 people.  We are going to be at a party they are having so I have no idea what to expect.


The hospital visit was quick.  It was just me and the boys as Dad had to work late.  The cards were appreciated and the coordinator explained to the kids how patients would receive the cards.  They also mentioned that cards are accepted all year long so we may do some more again (birthday, holidays, get well, or just because cards).  The boys were told of some of the opportunities to volunteer as they are older (need to be 14 or older).  It’s great to plant the seed of volunteerism to the kids now.


After the hospital visit there was a baking frenzy!  Lots of cookies needed for our nursing home visit.



Merry Christmas!