Day 8

We are going to pack up boxes for the troops today.  We are excited to be doing something to give back to our military and the sacrifices they make for us!


The nursing home went very well.  When we got there the coordinator advised us to leave the treats and go talk with people in the common area.  This was a bit out of the comfort zone since we had never met of them before but they were so sweet.  They loved the kids and the treats.

There was one lady who you could tell just loved the attention.  She couldn’t hear us at all but just wanted to talk.  She wanted our phone number to keep in touch. 

Our oldest was a little more apprehensive then the little one but he could see just how much it meant to them in their faces.

While we were there some children, from the church right next to them, came and sang song carols.  It was really nice!

Here are a few pics of the event:


Here are a group of the residents listening to the kids sing.


Here’s me and the little one.


Our oldest.


Here are the boys taking a break and enjoying a few goodies after all their hard work.

Merry Christmas!