Day 9

Today’s challenge is to give goodies out to the neighborhood.  We, the kids and I, will package them up and then all of us will hand them out on our block.  This is a great way to meet people that you might not see as often -if they live a few doors down or such. 

There’s been a lot of baking going on that’s for sure!


The packaging of the boxes for the soldiers went very well!  It was moving as they have a memorial board to soldiers that have fallen.  We don’t know anyone personally serving so it was great to find a way to thank the service men and women for all their sacrifices!

Everyone was really sweet and the boys did really well.  Usually my little one gets so much attention and people fail to notice my oldest (this gets to his self esteem as times).  The people really noticed how hard my oldest was working and he was so happy (brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it).

They both received a goody for their work and a hot wheel car.



Also – I had invited a few friends over to do a cookie exchange.  Two of which were already part of our “Operation 12 days of Christmas” and one about to be tagged.   I was concerned talking would get to some discovery but only one thing was casually said and not to the other two…whew!  We are safe so far!