Day 11

Today is a bit of a tricky one.  We are still trying to come up with the best way to do this one.  I have a friend who is trying to make ends meet and we have a package for them.  We could just drop it off like the other two we did, but I really feel like she would know it’s from us.  We have thought about leaving it with a neighbor with her name on it and asking if they will give it to them and say it was delivered to the wrong house.  So far we are not really sure about this plan.  At least we have the day to think about it as the package is ready to go.

My extreme idea was to drive to the next state to have a postmark from there but again may not be the best solution.


The Rescue Mission adventure.  We decided to get up a little earlier and go out to breakfast at a place we wanted to try near there.  We were starting to go up to put our name on the list (yummy place-small building) and someone ran to the door and beat me.  We were really starting to get pressed for time and it was cold waiting outside.  We weren’t sure if we should stay or not.  Just about the time we were going to leave wouldn’t you know we got a table.  “Ok, everyone eat fast!” 

Now I have to say that when I called the Rescue Mission they were already filled with families for this event but said that if we showed up we wouldn’t be turned away and that it would be ok for us to come.  This was their first time opening it up to families as they have to be careful on keeping everyone safe.  So at this point I was feeling like I wanted to be there a little early since we weren’t on the list.

We were a few minutes behind and then found out we had the wrong address.  This is part of the Rescue Mission but not the place we needed to be in.  The gentleman was very sweet and said don’t worry about the small stuff which was a good thing to hear at that time.

We got there and were welcomed and put right to work.  We started on taping candy canes to pieces of paper they were going to hand out.  Then we started packing sorting and wrapping boxes for presents to all that come to the Mission during the holidays.

Most of the packages were so sweet and thoughtful.  New dolls that are very popular.  Big gigantic stuffed animals.  Boxes for men with all sorts of socks and toiletries.  I was really surprised by the amount of boxes that were packed for adults as most times people love to buy for children so it was nice to see people thinking of the adults too. 

The coordinator was wonderful and you could tell that she really enjoyed what she did and the people she served!  She really wanted us to think about the people that were going to be receiving whatever we were working on.  You could tell she really cared!!!

img_3886.jpg               img_3889.jpg             


If you are willing and able to give to those who are in need please give something you would like to receive.  We saw beatup toys, used combs, very old soaps, etc.  This may not be the way to go as this may possibly be the only gift these individuals get. 

Also, If you want to give food to those in need, go to the store and have your kids pick out food that they would eat not food that’s almost expired from your own pantry.   You don’t have to spend a lot of money but just get what you would normally purchase.  If you really want a challenge for your family try to sacrifice your own goodies for the week (grocery trip) and give all those to the needy.