Day 12

Christmas Eve will take us to a local police station to take by treats and a big thank you/Merry Christmas poster. 

We came upon this as we thought about all the professions in which you have to work on Christmas.  Also, of course, Police put their lives on the line each and everyday to protect and serve.

(Note- If you ever want to do something like this it’s best to call ahead to arrange this as some stations do not let you provide goodies. )


This is the last update on our “Operation 12 Days of Christmas” :(.  I’m sure you can tell what a wonderful time we have had.

Last night we took the package to my friend’s house late at night.  The plan ended up to be a  very sloppy note with a name that is not legible.  Hopefully this will have them guessing for awhile.

Our oldest already asked about doing this next year :).  I can’t wait!!!!!

Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)