As we get to the close of the year many of us are making the end of the year contributions to our favorite ministries and charities.  Many times people can be afraid to donate to an organization because they are afraid their money will not be well spent. 

First, I believe that prayer must be apart of any donation.  Giving is an act of faith and it will never be full proof but bring it in prayer and allow God to tell you where to use His money. 

Second, there is an organization that checks out ministries finances…EFCA.  They are an outside organization that monitors the organizations and it’s finances to help ensure they are fiscally responsible.  Check out all the organizations that you want to give to.  God gives us a mind to to use so we use all resources available to ensure the money is being used wisely.

Finally, as stated above, there are risks with giving but giving changes us.  We release what we think is ours to give to others.  When we act in faith we must give it over to the Lord for him to do what His will is.  Many people are using ministry scandals to not give financially.  Many ministries and organizations use this money for lots of people in need.  Many organizations use the money appropriately and if someone does mishandle God’s funds I am sure He will take care of that.

Happy Giving (The Lord loves a Cheerful Giver)