When I was younger I loved selling.  I would say whatever the customer wanted to hear and was pretty good at it.  I always had high commissions and was usually one of the top salespeople. 

 I have moved away from “retail” sales for many years (although there is selling in almost every job).  I disliked the hours and MY methods to obtain being a top salesperson.  I learned that it was hard for me to do this job anymore so I no longer connected with this type of position.

I had been out of the retail sales for about 10 years when I needed to stay home with my youngest.   I ended up deciding to do direct sales.  I believed in the products and company that I represent.  If I was going back to retail sales this would be the only company I would want to do it with. 

Now with sales comes the joys of customer service.  Over the holidays, it brings out the best in people doesn’t it?  I had two individuals order one item each.  One person who ordered wanted an additional discount and they both wanted to combine their shipping charges. 

There is a shipping charge for each order no matter how much you purchase and the receipt is your warranty.  I think it’s a pretty reasonable charge considering the cost of shipping right now.  I paid $5 to send a $7 calendar via the mail.  I thought we came to the understanding about why it’s charged so I put the order in.  When I went to collect the money (I have to first collect the money, then pick up the items for the host that it was under, then drop it off with them) I was advised that they would have never ordered it if they would have known that they had to pay the extra $2.  I ended up taking it off and didn’t make a dime off the sale and actually lost money if you consider time involved.  Now I know sometimes has to be done just to retain the customer but this was a bit crazy to me.  One of the individuals would not choose to live in my neighborhood not to mention my house, our vehicles (like my hubby’s 1988 vehicle) would not be even close to a car of choice, has no kids, and lives very large to my standards (this is not a casual acquaintance).  I love a good bargain but not off the back of someone else.  There comes a point in time where you have to ask is this bargain really worth this?  At least she got the extra $2 to buy ??????

I know it just goes with the territory.  But at least I get to rant about it!  It’s also provided me with a valuable lesson when bargain shopping make sure I don’t take advantage of the situation or the person just to save a buck or two.  Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not.  Maybe that extra dollar or two is helping that person with groceries that week.

God provides all sorts of ways to learn valuable lessons.  I am really glad I experienced this so that I will watch how I conduct myself.  Without this situation I don’t believe I would have given it much thought other than what it was saving me.