I am sure you have received at least a trillion or two (I have a tendency to exaggerate but I don’t think so in this case) of chain emails.  Some of these emails contain misinformation or flat out rumors.  I usually just delete these, but if you enjoy passing these along please be aware.

As I have learned many of these are false.  I would encourage you to first check out to see if this info is true.   One way you can check it out is to go to the source directly.  They usually have some info on there about any rumors.  If you want to check out other sources you can do a search for the topic and usually something will pop up (Deb statistics 99.9% of the time).  I have to say that every-time I check one of these out they are just rumor so please be careful passing them along.  It seems innocent until it passes along misinformation or hurts a business.

Many Blessings

Debbie aka The Real World Martha (S) 

(Oops!  I published this when I meant to save as a draft and it was horrible.  If you read the first one, I apologize!)