I found a really yummy and good for you snack.  And no I am not getting any for free, or getting paid, for posting this.  This is just an honest to goodness opinion with no side benefit (although I wouldn’t turn any free ones away they were so good).

We went to Costco, the $200 club, and they had a trial of Mrs. May’s naturals Fruity Snapz.  These are 100% natural, Fat Free, No SUGAR ADDED.  Of course we ended up with a box.  The flavors we got were apple, pear, and peach…yummy!  The ingredient list is one thing – FRUIT!  They are freeze dried so they are crunchy and I love them.  In fact the whole family is fighting over them!  The crunch and flavor beats dried fruit any day, in my opinion, and I like most dried fruit.

If you are looking for a good alternative for you or your kids, this may be for you!  The only downside is that you will wish there were more in the package.  Darn that portion control.


Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)